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Located in the heart of Kottarakara, Kerala, India, Kerala Theological Seminary is currently training over one hundred students to be future pastors, Bible teachers, and missionaries in India. The seminary offers degrees both at the Bachelor's and the Master's levels. Over 650 graduates are now involved in church planting, teaching, and mission work in various parts of India.

Our Goals

Kerala Theological Seminary is committed to train young people to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The seminary seeks to provide training at the graduate and post-graduate level to prepare its students for a variety of Christian ministries.

While the doctrinal commitment of the seminary is intentionally Biblical, it seeks to provide a contribution from its vantage point to a broader constituency through community, theological and ecclesiastical involvement and dialogue.

Kerala Theological Seminary stands for promoting the missionary endeavor throughout the world. This commitment is demonstrated in a variety of ways that provide both exposure and experience for the students in the diverse nature of mission and unique opportunities for vocational service and mission around the world.

History of KTS

In the year 2000, the first student body of Kerala Theological Seminary met to study under the leadership of Dr. K.C. Varghese, This class of students was the result of Dr. Varghese's vision and burden to train young people to preach the gospel and plant churches among the unreached millions of India.

The seminary started with 22 students, but God honored our humble beginning and allowed the seminary to grow into a strong theological institution. Today we have more than a hundred students from several states of India, and we continue to grow and expand through new academic programs, faculty development, library resources, and facilities.