Campus Life

Spiritual Development

Students have ample opportunities for spiritual growth and interaction in class, chapel, and in fellowship that will help them to develop a passion for ministry


Chapel is the nucleus of theological education. Monday morning is separated for intercessory prayer. Students also gather in small groups and spend time for prayer and meditation. Wednesday morning is separated for missionary chapel where missionaries from India and abroad give missionary challenges. Chapel also provides an opportunity for spiritual emphasis meetings, musical nights, all-night prayer and fasting prayer.

Prayer Groups

Spiritual formation groups of eight to ten students may significantly impact a student's life. As group members grow in character and spiritual maturity together, significant friendships and ministry partnerships are established that may be lifelong. Therefore, the students are grouped into small groups under a mentor who guides the students while they are on campus.


The seminary is committed to provide quality hostel that encourages a community atmosphere.

Spiritual Development

The seminary gives time for recreation, sports, and games to all the students in view of keeping them healthy and energetic.